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The taepyeongso (lit. "big peace wind instrument"; also called hojok, hojeok, or nallari) is a Korean double reed wind instrument in the shawm or oboe family. It generally has a conical wooden body made from yuja (citron), daechu (jujube), or yellow mulberry wood, with a metal mouthpiece and cup-shaped metal bell, although some are made entirely of metal.

The loud and piercing sound it produces has kept it confined mostly to Korean folk music (especially "farmer's band music") and to marching bands, the latter performed for royalty in the genre known as daechwita. It is, however, also used in the court genre known as Jongmyo Jeryeak (Royal Ancestral Shrine music).

It was probably derived from a Chinese instrument like the suona. It came to Korea from China during the Goryeo period.