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el Medio Ambiente
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The Markama Quena

The Markama Quena is the highest evolution in quenas, the most important instrument of the Andean cultures. In the mid 80's, Markama performed a repertory from most countries in Latin America and needed instruments with wider chromatic possibilities in order to adapt to diverse styles and tones. Lars Nilsson, the Markama quena player at that time, developed the Markama Quena. This quena uses the "Markama System" that can be adapted to other Andean wind instruments such as the moxeño, pinkillo and quenon. The development of the "Markama System" permits the use of the quena not only in the Andean and Latin American repertory but also in any musical style, such as Jazz, contemporary, classical. etc
“The Markama System”:

   1. Keeps the simplicity and warmth of the traditional quena
   2. Incorporates new holes
   3. New finger placement that achieves chromatism
   4. Precise tuning
   5. Traditional Andean repertory as well as contemporary music are easy to played
   6. New effects include: harmonic possibilities in tremolos and multiphonics
   7. New original compositions

“ The Markama Pro “

After the Markama quena was designed, Pablo Salcedo has added one more hole, using the 10 fingers. This novelty, called Quena Markama Pro, is meant to help the performance of Contemporary music since it has more effects. More multiphonics and quarter tones.

Now the limits are decided by your imagination !!!