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Tongali, Lantoy & Kalaleng

The nose flute, another type of end-blown flute, is found mostly in northern Philippines where the Kalinga call it tongali, the Bontok kaleleng, and the Ifugao  ungiung. It is found sporadically in some areas of the south among the Hanunuo (lantuy), the Batak  (lantoy), and the Bukidnon (bulaktob). The Cuyunin of Palawan have gigantic nose flutes with tubes much larger in diameter than those found in Luzon.

Lantoy is a nose flute from Bakat people.

"Kalaleng is from Thinguian people. This is a long reed with holes cut in the side, to be stopped by the fingers in producing the notes. The player closes one nostril with a bit of cotton, and then forces the air from the other into a small hole cut in the end of the tube. The instrument is popular with the men, and often one can hear the plaintive note of the nose flute far into the night."

Other flute from Batak:

Tipano, a 47cm long flute with six fingerholes, made from a small diameter bamboo intermode
Photo courtesy byThe Project Gutenberg EBook of The Tinguian, by Fay-Cooper Cole