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Siku recalls us the landscapes with mountains.

It can be a calm wind or it can reach the strength of a huracan. The warmth of the Zonda wind or the coldness of a southern wind.

Duality and centre are present aspects when a melody is shared by two people or groups.

Each one is essential to complete the melody, but at the same time each one needs the other one, the alter ego.

This sharing is a creative sharing. It generates a special as well as beautiful energy.

To play siku creates a change in our energetic body. This is related to the intense job our breathing does when playing it.

The hyperventilation can lead us to special states, adding to this the sounds of this ancient instrument.

There is a great amount of sizes that form a very complete family, each size has its own name and characteristic sound.

A small panpipe, that provides the classic Ecuadorian music and sound.