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The Fulani flute, or tambin,  is specific to the Fouta Djallon highlands of Guinea (Conakry). It is a region dominated by the Peulh culture and ethnicity, and known as the "Chateau d'eau" (water tower) of West Africa, the source of three of the region's major rivers, the Gambia, the Senegal, and the Niger.

The most striking characteristic of the tambin is the voice/flute effects. The second one, more subtle, is the powerful multiphonics (more than one note sounded at once) that it produces, enhancing the voice/flute effects. The third one is one of musical language; rhythm is fundamental, associated with melody and variations… improvization in a naturally, and intelligently, connected way with groove and occasional declamation; a vital improvisation, as if telling a story.

The fourth one is its construction: Made from a vine, it features a rectangular embouchure with two large wings on each side of it, and three finger holes producing a full diatonic scale of 1 1/2 octaves. Courtesy Calabash Music