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Bawu (free-reed flute) 

This is an instrument of south minority cultures, brought into use in 1960s. Only ninth in range, it can talk with a mellow tone. The bawu is popular among the Miao, the Hani, the Yi, the Dai and other people of Yunnan province. There goes such a beautiful story. Two young Hanis fell in love with each other. One day a demon grabbed the girl, cut off her tongue, then threw her into the deep mountains. Following a bird's advice that bamboo can talk, she made an instrument with that stuff, pouring out her misfortune through it. On hearing her sad voice, the villagers came to kill the demon and relieved the girl. Since then the bawu has became a talking instrument. Its dimensions vary and so do the designs. Traditional usage includes the accompaniment to dancing and singing.

F key bawu: c-d1
G Key bawu: d-e1

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